Zeller Photography was established in 2004. Although Lori Zeller has loved art and photography since childhood, her education and professional background began with business management and customer service.  With the support of family and a love for photography, she eventually chose to pursue her passion.  

Lori continues to grow her knowledge of art through years of experience as well as continued education,  essential to any professional who wishes to execute their skill well.  The truly professional portrait artist understands the art, science, and history of the craft, pushing their skill beyond the initial passion and love of photography to a level of expertise.  At Zeller Photography, we are honored with the great responsibility of capturing your memories and milestones with the utmost of care.  We consider each commission a great responsibility, an opportunity to capture a special and fleeting moment in the life of your family. 

Background and Accomplishments

Member of PPA.  

Lori has been honored with a variety of awards over the years, including "Best Children's Photographer" by INPPA, Consumers Choice Award, "Best Photographer in Tulsa" through GTR Newspaper, and has continued to be selected by Expertise to be listed among the Best Family Photographers in Tulsa.  

Lori maintains Certification through the Professional Photographers of America.  Earning her CPP years ago cultivated a higher-level knowledge and skill, offering a unique depth of understanding of the science and technique behind the art or photography.

This combination of experiences has allowed Zeller Photography to become a studio known for its professionalism, personalized service, and excellent quality.  The studio specializes in fine family portraits from birth to high school seniors.  Lori also enjoys capturing generational family gatherings.  

If we may serve your portrait photography needs, please contact our studio.  Our friendly staff will gladly schedule an appointment to meet with you.   

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